For those of us still waiting for our boobs to grow

For those of us still waiting for our boobs to grow
28 May 2015

So I know you’re all thinking, how could Kellie write about this topic, when she’s clearly got huge boobs!
But in all seriousness, there was a time, (and occasionally it briefly comes back) where I felt quite self concious about these lovely, little boobies that I have.

From quite young I remember desperately wanting boobs. Just so you know, I am going to keep using the word boob instead of breast, not meaning to be offensive or immature.

Quite often teenage girls are a bit scared of their body changing, or just really have no interest in growing boobs in a hurry.

Well, not this girl!!! I checked every day to see if there was any growth of any kind. Just the thought of becoming a woman and having boobs was so exciting! I could not wait to wear a bra! (Fast forward to now, and my bra is one of the first things I want off when I get home!)

Around age 12 there was some ‘movement’. I am embarrassed to admit, but I actually told everyone close to me that would listen, that I was finally getting boobs. That’s just how excited I was! They got to about an A cup and then they just stopped…. I figured that for some reason, my body was just having a break and that my size C or even D cup breasts were still well on their way! My mum also told me not to worry as pretty much all of the women in our family, for generations, were big busted and so mine were just taking their time. And so I patiently waited… and waited…. and then I got impatient. But I waited some more…



I even did that old fashioned thing where you put your arms on top of each other and kind of pump your boob muscles and say ‘I must, I must, I must increase my bust’ I wonder if anyone else did this… I can’t believe I am admitting to this… So embarrassing… By the way, this doesn’t work, just incase you were thinking of trying it ;)

After a couple of years, around year 10, I bought padded bras to try to even resemble most of the other girls who were, by this time, a lot more blessed in the chest area than me. More waiting, but the boob fairy still did not visit me. Nor did the hips fairy for that matter, but I did get a bit of a bum, so I was happy about that.
I started to worry that no boys would be interested in me, because I was missing something they would want, big boobs! But then, at around 16, (yes I was a late bloomer) I realised that the decent guys clearly did not care about bust size. If you are a young girl or woman with small boobs like me reading this and have ever worried that a guy wouldn’t like you because of your boobs, please know that this is absolutely not true! If a guy ever acts like your small boobs are anything less than beautiful, than he is not a decent guy. All boobs are beautiful!

I finally accepted the fact that my boobs were just not destined to be big, beautiful D cups!

My last hope was that I would finally fill a non padded bra when I got pregnant one day. So you can imagine, that when I did get pregnant and they finally started to grow at age 31, I was so excited!!!! They even grew to about a C cup. They were glorious! I wanted to wear tight tops to show them off, which was also showing off the big belly bump. Because, as luck would have it, they didn’t really grow much until past 20 weeks. So my dreams of having pregnancy big boobs, while still having a flat tummy were gone…
Once I had my baby they got huge! Well they weren’t that big, but they were for me. They were heavy… They would bounce when I walked too fast or tried to work out the gym. I had to wear bras that could actually support my breasts instead of just wearing bras that just made me look like I had some.


This is me after a big lunch. Ok, maybe I was about 35 weeks pregnant. Just showing off the boobs that I had for a little while.


Around this time and after my daughter was born, I started finding them a bit, um, annoying. They  pushed together when I rolled on my side to sleep and I found my neck and shoulders were hurting a little more from the extra weight I was carrying up top.

This having big boobs business actually wasn’t all that it’s cracked up to be!

I used to hear big breasted girls in the past complain about the heaviness of them or back pain or not being taken seriously because people were looking at their chest, and to be honest, I didn’t really understand their pain. I figured their problems were real of course, but I wanted their problems! I felt that I would gladly give up my small, perky boobs for their bigger ones any day.

But, having small boobs has it’s benefits. I don’t have to wear an underwire bra if I don’t want to, as there’s not that much there that needs supporting. I can roll over in bed and don’t have to adjust my boobs, I can even comfortably lay on my stomach if I want, I can boost my chest if I want to with a padded bra and they’re still perky even at age 35 and after one child. Gravity has been good to me.

After saying that, I am not completely opposed to maybe one day getting a boob job.

I had desperately wanted one when I was younger and if I had gone through with it, I probably would’ve gone too big, not realising how heavy bigger boobs can be! If I did get a boob job in the future, it would only be about one size up. I don’t have any plans to actually do it, I am just not completely against it. Maybe if gravity finally gets to me, I might start looking into it…

I have seen some gorgeous friends of mine get boob jobs and it has really boosted their confidence, which is awesome! Looking back, I wish I hadn’t been so self concious of my chest, or lack thereof. I had (and still do) a great figure and I shoudn’t have been so hard on myself for not growing big boobs. Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing…

I know the pain of looking in the mirror side on and not seeing much showing under my top. I know what it feels like to try on a padded bra and it looks so fake under my clothes. I know what it’s like to see pictures of models who are big busted and look hot and then look at my chest and wonder why mine aren’t so big.

But I also know that every body is different and having small boobs doesn’t make me any less of a woman. I know that I am beautiful and so are my small boobies. I know there are women out there who would give anything to have smaller boobs. Please, next time you are a bit critical of your smaller chest, try to think of all the positives that go along with it too. Please be kind to them.


Kellie Claire xx



Kellie Claire


  1. What a fab post! Love your style Kellie.

  2. Love it!!! You probably remember me as a fellow small-boobie girl Kellie, and it used to be the source of so much shame, frustration, worry that no boy would ever find me attractive, feeling like less of a woman, and wearing bathers was purr hell for me – nowhere to hide! My poor boobs barely filled out an A cup! These days, I don’t let it bother me, apart from occasional frustration that I can’t fill out a top nicely (even chicken fillets don’t add enough padding – I need a turkey!). I must admit, I absolutely LOVED it when my boobs finally grew to a C cup – WOO HOO! – when I was breast feeding my first born. Unfortunately, after the birth of my second baby, my milk supply was much more settled and my boobs barely grew at all. But I’ll always remember those glory days – lol! xx

    • Ah yes, the dreaded bathers at school! That brings back some memories. I still only wear bikinis, as a one piece just flattens everything even more, as I am sure you would know ;) Haha, a whole turkey down your top would certainly look interesting! x

  3. I think we all did the ‘i must increase my bust’ bit. Lol!

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