Models are now drawing on fake freckles?

Models are now drawing on fake freckles?
25 Jun 2015

I was listening to the radio the other day while a model was being interviewed. I’m not actually sure what it was about originally, but my ears pricked up when I heard her admit that sometimes she draws fake freckles on her face. She said this is a common thing done by some models at the moment. I guess you could say it’s trending…

As someone who has quite a lot of freckles, I was a bit surprised by this. People actually wanted to have freckles?? I tried to imagine how long it would take to draw hundreds of little freckles on your face like mine, but she was actually only talking about drawing a few little freckles sprinkled across her nose. I will admit, that always looks cute, especially on kids.

The radio show I was listening to was ‘Kyle & Jackie O.’  For those of you who haven’t heard of them, they are a Sydney radio duo who have been on air for a long time. Kyle and Jackie were both surprised to hear that this was something that some models were doing or had done,  and then Jackie said something that surprised me again. She said something along the lines of  ‘Girls always want what they don’t have, because girls who have freckles wouldn’t want them of course!

I felt a little twinge of pain. I know she didn’t mean to be nasty by saying that, but why is she assuming that ALL girls with freckles wouldn’t want them?

She was inadvertently suggesting that freckles are undesirable.

This is something that has been portrayed to me from quite a young age. Mainly from the media, which spilled over to schoolmates. The media only ever showed models and movie stars with perfect, freckle free skin and this was portrayed as something we should all strive for. This is still what we are told is beautiful and desirable.

At Primary School, like other kids, I was occasionally teased for having freckles. I was generally just called ‘freckle face’ which isn’t that bad really. They could’ve come up with something a little bit more original than that! Speaking of the pressures to look good at school, I came across an article recently, that was about a school in Daylesford where they removed freckles and blemishes for the school photos! I wonder if this is something that will start happening more soon..

During my teenage years I noticed that Nicole Kidman’s face was changing from freckle faced, to pure white skin. When asked by the media what happened to all her freckles, she said that she had just been wearing sunscreen everyday and kept out of the sun. This reinforced to many of us with freckles, that they were something that were undesirable, so much so, that someone famous would go to great lengths to remove them. I am not judging her for removing her freckles (however she actually did it) I just hate the message that it was sending to everyone. I took it as her believing that if you have freckles, instead of embracing them and accepting them, you just remove them.

At the time, I thought she just might be telling the truth (about the sunscreen thing working). I was skeptical, but just in case it was true, I started wearing sunscreen every day in the hope that it would make mine disappear too. Ummm, it did not work! I’m just going to go ahead and say that I call bullshit on that. What staying out of the sun and using sunscreen does is protect your skin, NOT make your freckles disappear.

I can’t remember at what age I finally realised this was not working, but eventually I gave up wearing sunscreen every day. I still wear it if I am in the sun for lengths of time, but I do this to preserve my skin and for the health of my skin, not to get rid of my freckles.

And so now, I have finally learnt to accept my freckles. I have them on my face, my arms and especially my shoulders and I know that they do not make me any less beautiful. I know that now.


When I was in Bali recently on our first family, overseas holiday, I wore a bit of sunscreen and I avoided getting burnt, but my freckles all over got a bit darker anyway and I even got a little bit of colour. I looked and felt great! I wasn’t self concious about my freckles at all! Looking back, it is a shame I spent so much time over the years, trying to cover them up, or make them disappear.

I really think the media has a lot to answer for about this negativity toward freckles.

I think they have a lot to answer for in general actually! We are all supposed to be tall, skinny, with big boobs, perfect, freckle free and blemish free skin and the list goes on. I am really hoping that is changing a bit now, especially since models are actually drawing on freckles! What a compliment for us.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I remember hoping that she got my husbands skin instead of mine. I didn’t want to pass on that gene of white, freckly skin. My husband has olive skin that goes darker with even a touch of sun. (I’ll admit, I am a little jealous!) If you look closely though, he actually has quite a few little freckles, that are just not as obvious as mine. Now that my little girl is nearly three, I can see that she did not get his olive skin at all, and has instead been blessed with my white skin, with a few little freckles starting to pop up already. She is the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen (sure, of course I am a little biased) and I know one thing for sure – I want her to grow up not ever feeling like her freckles make her any less beautiful than she already is. I hope that she is so confident in her skin, that even if a classmate one day calls her freckles face, she will take it in her stride and not take to heart anything they say.

To any of you that have felt negatively about your freckles, have been called names because of them, or have just wished that you didn’t have them, remember there are models actually drawing them on their faces now. We don’t have to draw any fake freckles to look as good as we do ;)










Kellie Claire xx


Kellie Claire


  1. My Mum did me a great service by always telling me freckles are a sign of beauty and so I have always loved and accepted mine and love them on other people to.
    I was shocked to recently hear that freckles are also being tattooed onto skin – I used to think, ‘with all the fake tans around that at least you could spot a true sun-kissed complexion by the freckles’ – but apparently not any more. And school photo ‘blemish’ removal – what kind of ghaslty message is that sending to the kids in the photos???

    • I love to hear that! My mum also told me that my freckles were beautiful, but unfortunately I didn’t believe her. I guess I could tell that she didn’t love her own freckles, so she probably wasn’t very convincing.
      I had not heard that people were actually getting them tattooed on their face, wow! Can you imagine how painful that would be too?
      It is very scary to think that more schools may do this. They removed freckles, blemishes & braces. We all had to grow up with the dorky school photos, why should the future generations get out of it? ;)

  2. Haha, this is an awesome post Kellie! I have to put my hand up and confess that I also did this when I was a little girl. My sister had freckles and I didn’t! Keep loving your freckles!

    • Thanks Penny. Wow, so you were drawing them on your face to look more like your sister? That is so awesome! What did you use to draw them on and did they look real? I would love to see a picture, haha ;)

  3. Natalie Mendez Says: April 13, 2017 at 12:28 am

    Yes love your post! We should all embrace our freckles, they are what make us unique. It is seen as natural beauty and they are so desirable by models that they are either drawing them on or getting them tattooed. I’m actually looking for a model that would be interested in getting cosmetic freckling done at no cost. Please let me know if you know anyone that may be interested!

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