Love letter to my daughter on Mother’s Day

Love letter to my daughter on Mother’s Day
15 May 2016

To my beautiful, clever, hilarious, sweet, little girl,

You are the reason I get to celebrate Mother’s Day.
Before you came along, I only had to worry about looking after myself. No one called me mum or needed me like you do.

I thought motherhood looked a bit hard, but nothing could prepare me for what was to come.
The overwhelming amount of love that I feel for you, the fear that something could happen to you, the joy and amazement in what you can do, the pride in how brave and smart you are, the unbelieveable testing of my patience at times, and the scariness that comes with wearing my heart on my sleeve because of you.

I promise to always strive to better myself, because I want you to be proud of me. I want to be the first person you go to when something upsets you. I hope that one day, we are one of those mother daughter teams that love to do things together and hang out.

I promise to make you feel safe and loved. I want you to know that no matter what happens in the future, I will love you. I will always do my best to fix any problems that may come about as we get older and I won’t let pride stop me from always reaching out to you and letting you know that I love you.

I promise to keep playing with you. Even though you won’t remember much of these early years, I hope when you look back, you have fond memories of being with me. I hope you remember me singing and dancing with you. That you remember me laying on the floor, tickling and wrestling with you. Our walks to the local cafe holding hands where we have a cappuccino and a babycino together. The times when I kiss your little face too much and you get annoyed with me and tell me to stop.

I promise to try to teach you as much as I can. To guide you, so that you can be prepared for what a wonderful, yet tough world this can be. I don’t want you to ever fear me and I don’t want you to ever question how I feel about you. Even now, when you have been put in ‘time out’ for not listening to me, I always give you a cuddle and tell you that I love you, so that you know that I am not angry and have let it go.
I promise that I will always let it go.

This business of being a mum isn’t easy, but I promise that I will keep trying my best every day, because you are the most important person in my life, and you deserve it.


I Love you always,


your Mum xx


Kellie Claire

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